Summer's here

Summer’s here

Hi guys! 

Oh my gosh what a week it’s been! The summer season has finally come around once again. Thank goodness for that, cause anymore winter talk and I would actually start to cry! Winter has been far too long, too wet (ok right in the beginning) and very smelly! 

Thanks to our very competent local governing body here on the island they managed to play chess with our lives. Garbage had not been picked up since October. Yes October! I’m not going to get into all the political who-ha’s but finally we can breath cleaner air and not die when passing the hugest hill of trash! Hella-freekin-looya!

So we open the restaurant on Monday. Nick seemed rather eager to get the doors open this year. After much restoration and repainting we are back in full swing. Changed the colour of the walls from cherry red to… well I thought it was kind of guacamole green but I think more accurately said, it could be pistachio! What I wanted? NO! Was looking for more of a sage green! Anyway not bothered… Next time maybe…

What I hate about this time of year is how school, kids, home, extra lessons and restaurant all clash! And they clash big time! It’s not enough being in two places at once in the winter on school runs, but now it’s like, drop off, quickly pick up and then drop off, ‘ where are you!’, ‘ you late!’, dashing to work, ‘ come on I’m sure you can walk a km home seriously!’ It is all tooooooo (can I swear here now?) fucking much man! These are the times you wish your olive oil-can can be rubbed so a blooming Gini can pop out in a huge cloud of purple smoke and say ‘I got it under control girl, go have a glass of wine!’ Or maybe even better call on Mary friggin Poppins to come save the day! 

But in all this craziness, we manage to let it all go and get ourselves to the one place we love. And that’s to the beach! Even if it’s for a 15 min dive in, and dash back home for a quick shower to get them to the next extra lesson on time, would have you know! We love it, we need it and we wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Summer we are on and we love you. Stay long this time ok?!

Always time for the beach

Always time for the beach