new year's resolutions,

New Year’s resolutions to-do list

New Years are like new note books. We all love the idea of a fresh new start. Those clean crisp pages are indicative of our fresh new start to the new year.
My advice for all you who want to stop smoking, get fit or loose weight. For those who want to reach your goals, work harder and reach those dreams… I say DO IT and DO IT until it becomes real.

It’s the excuses and the comfort zone that keeps us restrained and keeps us cooled down. It’s time to unlock and spring into action. And you can only do this when you have decided enough is enough and that you are ready to embark on your new journey to a changed life.

Use the pic below, print it and fill it out! Stick it on your fridge, your bathroom mirror or your wardrobe door. Look at it everyday and make the one decision to move forward and upward!

Don’t be stuck in a life that you despise try change the things that need changing and you can get that happiness you deserve!

Go get ’em!

Happy NYE!!!

new year’s to-do ‘more of’ list

new year's to-do 'more of' list

New Year’s to-do ‘more of’ list