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New Year’s to-do list 

New Year's resolutions to-do list New Years are like new note books. We all love the idea of a fresh new start. Those clean crisp pages are indicative of our fresh new start to the new year. My advice for all you who want to stop smoking, get fit or loose weight. For [...]

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Solutions to a small budget Christmas 

UNEDITED / SPUR OF THE MOMENT KIND OF A POST!!! (Excuse the spelling, grammar and punctuation!!! :) ) Solution for a Christmas on a small budget How can you make a Christmas that cost next to nothing??? All that matters in Christmas! Have you been bombarded with a shopping list from [...]

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Childhood anxiety and little ways in which we can help. 

Find calm in a worried mind I visited my hairdresser this morning in need of feeling like a woman again! And you know how it goes, the conversations are endless. Sharing info, confiding or just having a good ol' laugh. It's therapy really.  So sitting there whilst she was weaving and foiling, we [...]

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8 Ways to make your day a brighter day 

A quick list on how to make the best out of your day, helping you get the most out of it and reaching your daily goals without stress.

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