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Glyko tou koutaliou Stafili – Grape Greek spoon sweet

Prep time 45 minutes
Cook time 10 minutes
Total time 55 minutes
Meal type Condiment, Dessert
Misc Gourmet, Serve Cold
Glyko tou koutaliou is a spoon sweet made from fruits stewed in a syrup.


  • 1kg Seedless grapes (green or red grapes)
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 2 cups Water
  • 1 stick Cinnamon (or powder)
  • 5 pieces Clove (or ground clove)
  • 3 pieces Cardemom
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla essence
  • 1 tablespoon Lemon juice


Gluko tou koutaliou is a spoon sweet directly translated from Greek. Literature is filled with references to fruits that are preserved in honey or syrup made from grapes (petimezi). Today we are still doing it with all different types if fruits, some even use vegetables like baby aubergines or cherry tomatoes in a sugar syrup. They are usually seasonal fruits which housewives use from having an abundance from their farms or gardens. Like grape season in August/September, you will hear women making petimezi syrup and grape preserve. Winter fruits like bergamot, oranges and lemons are usually used and in summer the favourites are fig, watermelon rind, apricots and strawberries. Quince, apples, walnuts and koumara are good fall varieties.
A good spoon sweet retains the shape, taste, colour and aroma of the fruit. Spoon sweets are a symbol of hospitality. We in Greece serve a spoonful of it to our guests on arrival, together with a coffee or tea and a glass of water on a small crystal plate.
Although these sweets are made throughout Greece they are usually different from region to region. Crete is known for their raisin and grape spoon sweets, Santorina makes a delicious tomato and blanched tomato spoon sweet, Aigina for its pistachio one and Kefalonia for their koumquat glyko tou koutaliou.
Spoon sweets can be utilised in many ways. You can top up your Greek yogurt with this preserve instead of honey, makes a gorgeous topping for ice-creams and over waffles or pancakes. Another genius idea is to make glass deserts with various layers of cream, biscuits and glyko tou koutaliou if you don't have fresh fruits on hand.


Step 1
Detach the grapes from the stems and place in a pot.
Step 2
Add all ingredients to the grapes in the pot, except the vanilla and lemon juice.
Ingredients added to grapes
Step 3
On a medium heat, let the grapes simmer for gently for 30 minutes or until a syrup has formed. To check this take a teaspoon of the syrup and place onto a plate. Push upwards to see if it crinkles and has set. If it is still watery carry on simmering.
Simmering grapes for Glyko tou Koutaliou
Step 4
Once its ready add in the vanilla essence and the lemon juice. And stir.
Step 5
Once the grapes have cooled, store in sterilised jars.


Glyko tou kotaliou stafili