Console table refurbished

Refurbished console table

My friend Doulla and I love finding things that people have chucked out, but not any ol’ nonsense! It’s got to be in good condition and if it’s wood it should have no trace of wood worms and other yucky stuff. I would hate to have an infestation to deal with afterwards. So anyhow one day I was out and about and came across this blue table on the side of the road- someone obviously didn’t want it anymore. I slammed on breaks, kids went flying in the back and I just had to check it out. The kids hate it, they were shouting saying ‘not now mom, let’s just go! Come on, just leave it!’ Well there was no chance of that happening, I wanted to see if it was in good shape to refurbish it and put it in the restaurant where the photo gallery of our wine journey is. I thought it would be just grand there. Gave it a good look and thought it was a marvellous find and very quickly we got it in the boot. It feels horrible picking up something from the side of the pavement- still taboo, but who cares I got over it pretty quickly as I pulled out and was back on the road. 

Gallery wall

Gallery wall in need of TLC

Materials I used:
•old furniture piece (in my project it’s an old console table)

•sanding machine or sanding pads (using Annie Slaon chalk paint, you could emit this stage)

•clean cotton rags or old cut up tshirts 

•2 paint brushes (one for painting and one for waxing if needed)

•Annie Sloan chalk paint

•Annie Sloan wax

•handles/ knobs/ or any other hardware if needed

•screws if needed

Console before refurbishing

Old yucky console table

Today’s project is this found blue console table. 

Firstly I wiped it down with a damp cloth and used Nick’s electric sander. Thinking it was going to make my life easier, but jeez man it’s a horrible thing leaving my hand pretty numb from the intense vibration!). Anyway gave it another wipe down to remove the dust. 

First step to sand the console table

Sanding the console table

Table is sanded down roughly

Sanded console table

I’m going to paint over the surface with chalk paint. I’m using Annie Sloan’s Graphite black. I think it will make a nice contrast against the red wall. 

Ok so with even horizontal strokes, I’ve covered the surface of the entire table leaving the drawers for last. I actually like the black table with the blue drawers, maybe I should leave it like that…emmm… Stop!!! Back to the project at hand! 

Just a tip, some like to use the paint straight from the tin, I like to put an amount on a plate and add some water to it to thin it out a bit. It also makes painting it on easier. But if you prefer to use it neat then you can do so. 

Once all is painted leave it to dry completely and then go back for a second coat. 

 Paint plate and paint tin

Paint prepped and really to paint

Black console table not ready yet

Looks great but not done yet

Drawers painted with black chalk paint

Painted drawers

Once the paint is completely dry from the second coat- and I mean completely dry then you are ready to wax it. I’m using the soft wax in clear. It’s a clear colour and won’t change the colour of your paint underneath like the dark wax would. 

With a paint brush or cotton rag dip it in and get some wax. Now with a circular motion rub it on and spread it around, going over it all the time to smoothen it out evenly. Make sure you get all the excess wax off and really rub it into the furniture. 

Wax and rag for console table

Annie Sloan clear wax

Once it’s dried, you can buff it to achieve a shinier surface and look, I’ve chosen a Matt look here so I won’t be buffing it. 

Leave the piece to cure for about 30 days to make absolute sure it’s completely dry. 

Because I’m putting in the restaurant I thought it was only appropriate to put forks as knobs on the drawers. So I bought really cheap thin forks that looked like they would be easy to bend. Got hubby to help here- it was a little bit hard for me to bend by myself. So he used two pliers and bent them like that. Then make a hole with a drill where ever you want and attach it on with a screw and bolt at the back. 

DIY fork knob

Fork knob

Fork for knob

DIY fork knob

Knob made out of a fork

DIY Fork knobs

Redone console table

Refurbished console table

Console table under gallery pics

Completed and totally happy