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Zakynthian Grape and Wine season

Zakynthian Grape and Wine season   It's grape season and we are blessed with an impressive harvest this year.  I've been trailing Nick (hubby) across our vineyards learning the ropes. I've always had a keen interest in wine making but never got involved-typically only to state at the table, my utter disappointment of a [...]

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Glyko tou koutaliou Stafili

close up of glyko tou koutali0u   Ingredients    

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Smoked Tuna Pasta with Olives and Capers


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Refurbished console table

Refurbished console table    My friend Doulla and I love finding things that people have chucked out, but not any ol' nonsense! It's got to be in good condition and if it's wood it should have no trace of wood worms and other yucky stuff. I would hate to have an infestation to deal [...]

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A Greek night out at the Bouzoukia

  It starts with OPA! And ends with OPAAAA! A common, a verbal emotional expression Greeks use and say at celebrations when they are dancing. Today is accompanied by throwing flowers and napkins. Before the 70's is was common to smash plates but it now a banned practice. Nightlife for Greeks is typically [...]

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